I have been very excited to finish my Whirly Twirly Swirly quilt - or is it Swirly Twirly Whirly. . .hmmm . . .whatever.  My head is in a whirl from it all.  I have been excited to finish it because I wanted to post the finished quilt here in time for Nina-Marie's Off The Wall Friday.  But alas I suppose it wasn't meant to be.  I finished quilting the top and squared it up to put on the binding when I suddenly noticed that the tension on half of the free motion quilting was loose.  
So out has come the seam ripper and I am now "Frog Quilting" 
- rip-it, rip-it!  
The "big reveal" will have to wait until next week!


Nina Marie said…
sighhhhh - I wanted to have mine done for this week too and that didn't happen! I was wondering how you got my cat kali on your blog?! Gosh they look exactly a like! If you put Kali in the search engine on my blog her pic will come up - also her kitten pictures when she was tiny!
Anonymous said…
Ahhh! Join the ranks of the frogs! You may remember I sang that tune on the first Off the Wall Friday posting. I'm happy I did it now that my Sunset is coming together a bit better. It is amazing how we can get to quilting and just forget to look at the back. Better to rip it out! Hope it floats back together with ease!
janice pd said…
THat is too funny, I've never heard it called frog quilting! Sounds like the name of a book.
Huhmm... that is exactly what I had to do when I was quilting this bed size quilt on my Bernina last week. I had to undo free motion stitches from the middle of the quilt... Not fun, but the tension got messed up and I did not notice it. Frog quilting all right!

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