Breast Pockets Delivered

Shortly before my trip to New York for my sister's wedding, Melanie Testa started asking others to make Breast Pockets for her.  You can read about it here.  Coincidentally my daughter's volleyball team has an annual Breast Cancer awareness game in October.  I gathered paper, glue, markers, pencils and scissors and asked the volleyball team to use their creativity to create pockets for Melly.  
And create they did!

I brought the pockets with me to New York and delivered them to Melly on Wednesday.
She was extremely touched.
You can read all about her response to receiving them here.
I'm so glad we were all able to help Melly in this small way.


Jeannie said…
What a beautiful way to spread the word about Melly's project. I know the volleyball team will remember that time together when they are out in the world.

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