Unexpected Treasure

I made this quilt from a Riley Blake jelly roll I purchased from a friend.  She thought the jelly roll was "ugly" but I knew it could be beautiful. 
 I was a little obsessed with Jelly Roll quilts at the time and wanted to try to do something a little different by adding a second jelly roll of solids.  My friend was surprised and said, "You made that with the ugly jelly roll you bought from me?!?"
Yes, indeedy.  It was an Unexpected Treasure and so that is exactly what I named it.
I then sent photos of the quilt to Quilt Scene and was pleased as punch when they accepted the pattern for my Unexpected Treasure to be published in the 2012 edition.
Stay tune and next week during Quilt Festival in Houston I will have a giveaway of a copy of Quilt Scene on my blog.
In the meantime, I am entering "Unexpected Treasure" in the Blogger's Quilt Festival over on Amy's Creative Side blog.  This is a fun event I have entered in the past but never won anything.  This year there are a ton of prizes so who knows!  Go on over and have a look.  Vote for your favorites or maybe enter a quilt yourself!

Here are the stats for my quilt:
Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats
"Unexpected Treasure"
Finished quilt measures : 62 1/2" x 74 1/2"
Special techniques used : pieced
Quilted by : Lisa Chin
Best Category : Home Machine Quilted, Throw Quilt

Good luck everyone!


Anonymous said…
Great lay out! It's amazing how one persons "ugly" can be turned into a beauty!
Sylvia said…
I am still amazed what you did with that ugly fabric! And congrats on the magazine article!
Candied Fabrics said…
So simple, yet so awesome! This is a great quilt Lisa, and a good choice for the magazine!
Patti said…
Great use of a jellyroll! It looks fantastic!
Sandra said…
Great job! congratulations on the magazine -- you rock!

Come see my entries #23 antique zigzag quilt and 46 Batik tulip-
30's repro. applique
CitricSugar said…
Gotta love it when you find the silver lining in someone else's 'ugly' cloud!

Congratulations on getting your pattern published! This is an adorable quilt :)
Lucy said…
I love the simplicity of this quilt! Great job and congratulations for having it published!
What a great job you did with your "ugly" jelly roll. It's a beautiful quilt!
Lorna said…
Lisa: Indeed what an unexpected treasure! Wow! Beautiful quilt. And the colours really make the design pop. Thank you for sharing. And congrats on this quilt being in the Quilting magazine!
Dolly said…
I am finally obsessed with jellyroll and charm square quilts........a little late to the game as usual !

Yours is really pretty. Just simple, clean lines and yes, pretty fabrics.
Karen said…
Great job and congrats!!
tusen said…
hehe, I can't agree with your friend that the fabric is ugly but it's so great that she saw how lovely it can look in a quilt. I like the pattern very much, congratulations on the publishing.

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