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I'm finally getting through the hundreds of photos I took while at International Quilt Festival in Houston.  In case I haven't mentioned it already this trip was a special gift to me from my sister and husband for my birthday (a big birthday - one of THOSE birthdays).  I am so spoiled!
So, where does one start?
How about with the wonderful hotel I stayed in: Hotel Icon.
The hotel is downtown, a little ways from the convention center but they have a shuttle that will take you anywhere in the downtown area of Houston.  I took full advantage of the shuttle!
 My room was enormous!
 I believe I could fit my entire family in this shower (although that would have been very awkward).  The shower had a rainfall shower head on the ceiling and a regular shower head on the wall.
Outside the bathroom was a good sized closet (not in photo) and a small butler pantry area with the usual coffee maker, ice bucket and mini fridge underneath supplied with very expensive treats.
The bedroom consisted of a king sized bed, two lounge chairs, a desk and flat screen tv.

The two seats at the end of the bed were very handy as well.
My room was located at the end of the hallway on a corner and so I had not one window but THREE windows looking out on the downtown area and freeway.
The only thing I did not like about my hotel was the lack of a nearby breakfast restaurant.
Other than that I loved it!
Oh and free wi-fi as well!  What's not to love about that!


Martha Ginn said…
Lisa, I'm glad you got to experience Quilt Festival in Houston! I got to go this year after missing for 6-8 years, during which time I got older and my body less cooperative--bunions/hammertoes and a bad knee. But what a treat to be back. I roomed with a friend at the Hilton and loved the nearness and walking across the skybridge to the show. I have a few pics on my blog.

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