Vendor's Mall

What is a quilt show without a fabulous vendor mall?  I love seeing all the new and old products and playing with the new sewing machines.  So much fun and so much money!
I fell in love with these antique thread drawers.  I suppose it was a good thing that my money and space were limited.
I could have gotten myself in some real trouble.
 Of course along with the vendors comes seeing old and new friends:
Utah Peeps: Bonnie, Emily, Shannon, Lisa and Terry
And along the way I collected a lot of paper:
business cards, brochures, coupons and dreams. 
 I also spent a little money here and there: 
I felt as if I restrained myself fairly well.
I did throw a couple things in this photo that I didn't buy at a booth: my paintings from the Tsukiniko Ink class with Judy Coats Perez and a photo transfer on felt that Lesley Riley gave me when I was helping her clean up after a demonstration.  All treasures.
If money had been no object I would have also brought home a couple more items:  one or two new sewing machines along with a table or two to put them in, lots of batting, wooden stamps, Tjaps, a larger Gelli plate, quilts from the SAQA auction, and more fabrics.
Just one or two more things. ;)


Jeannie said…
LOL! We would be so much trouble shopping together. I know some tjaps and one of those thread cabinets would have been too tempting. Oh, for a large house/studio and a fat wallet.

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