Sistah's Quilt

I put together a Turning Twenty quilt for my sister and her fiancé.  I had every intention of quilting it myself but I felt so stressed every time I thought about quilting it. Vicky, who is an excellent long arm quilter, had already volunteered her services, if I wanted them, in exchange for some sewing I was doing for her.  My stress levels virtually disappeared when I gave her the quilt!  I got the quilt back in time to sew on one side of the binding.   I brought the quilt in the car and finished the rest of the binding by hand.
It only took me from Elko to Reno.
I took a photo of the completed quilt in our hotel room in Berkeley.
Here are my sister and her wife reading the card after the wedding.
Was it selfish of me to track them down and make them open their gift in front of me?
Probably. . .sorry about that sis. . .
. . .but it was worth seeing their reactions.
They loved the quilt.

For me the best part of a present is watching it being opened.


Jeannie said…
Lisa, that is a gorgeous quilt! I love that you let the fabric do the talking - way to go! As for hunting down the happy couple, I would have done the same! LOL! The joy one feels when someone opens a gift that you created is worth the stress and anxiety of the creating. Wishing your sis and her partner years of happiness together.
Sylvia said…
It is not selfish. It is way more than going and buying a place setting. You put love into every stitch (I know, I was there with you the whole way) and seeing their reaction was all the thanks you need. Well done! And congratulations to the happy couple!
Sylvia said…
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Sylvia said…
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