Another Outdoor Concert Quilt

I can finally blog about the new Outdoor Concert Quilt I made over the holidays for my friends, Lori & Jim.
I decided to go with one fabric instead of two for this blanket and I love the way it turned out.  I really like the pockets in this quilt so that you can easily throw in a few things and not need to lug another bag.  You can find the pattern to make one of your own in the 2012 issue of Modern Patchwork.  The magazine is on sale right now in the Interweave store for only $7.50!  It's a great time to get some great patterns.


Sylvia said…
I love the 2 sided blanket! I am sure that they are thrilled with their gift!
Anonymous said…
Lori had hers and i had mine and we found ourselves at the park several weekends ago in a completely random/spontaneous trip to Delores Park - worked perfect, and hers is gorgeous - even if i have the prototype!

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