Freezing Bubbles

A friend of a friend brought this activity to our attention and my daughter and I had to run outside and give it a try!

We blew bubbles and nothing froze.
We thought that maybe it just wasn't cold enough so we went inside.  The thermometer said it was 16 degrees (F) so I decided to actually read the instructions and see if we were doing something wrong.  Of course we were!  Just blowing the bubbles isn't enough.  You have to catch the bubble and give it time to freeze so we went back out.
It's hard to see in the photos but it is the coolest thing to watch in person!
The photo above shows the bubbles when first caught and then magically as you watch you can see the crystals forming as the bubble freezes!
The bubble looks foggy here because the bubbles are freezing!
If the weather is as freezing cold at your house as it is here then grab some bubbles and give this a try.  You don't need a child around to experience the wonders of nature, just go for it!


Sylvia said…
That is so cool! I wish that I had some bubble stuff right now. The puppy dogs want to go out for peepees and it is -9 degrees out there.
Anonymous said…
Finn will love this! I will try it with him tomorrow!
Emmalyn said…
This is way cool!
fern said…
That is so cool!!!
This almost makes me want to be in a place that is below freezing in order to try this. Wait! Maybe not.
I'll live vicariously thru you, instead!
Jennilyn said…
THIS is what Mom was talking about-telling the family. We will try it Monday when it is supposed to be 15 degrees or so!

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