The end of 2012 has been a bit rough; Full of ups (my sister's wedding, family home and the holidays) and downs (my sister-in-law dying after years of illness).  I am now putting on my rose-colored glasses and looking forward to a positive 2013.  

I thought it might help me if I spent a few days posting some of my goals for 2013.  
My first goal is to organize my studio.  
Life has taken a toll on the tidiness of my studio, however organizing the studio has become a complicated process.  My husband and I decided that with our two youngest only having a couple years left in the house (we're counting on them moving out for college - one can dream!) we would let them move downstairs into the 2 larger bedrooms.  One of those bedrooms, however, is my current studio.  This means I will be moving the studio upstairs into one of the smaller bedrooms.  This bedroom is a little more than half the size of my current studio.
The room is also still a mess from this child moving downstairs.  There was already furniture in the bedroom she moved to so this furniture will need to be moved out until it can go into the bedroom the other daughter is moving out of.  We call this process "musical bedrooms" and no, it is not the first time we have played this game, thank you so much for asking!
I do have a plan and I hope the plan works as well in real life as it does on paper.  Part of that plan is storing less used items in other parts of the house.  That takes time but I can't let it take too much time.  I have work to do!  Today's plan consists of:
1) Making a 7x5" quotable art journal page for Cloth Paper Scissors.  It is due in their office next week and I would hate to miss the deadline for this challenge so it is art BEFORE organization today!
2) Remove everything from the walls in the new studio. (I'm really looking forward to the natural light in this room!)
3) Move the furniture out of the new studio. The living room will be the storage room until the furniture can be moved into it's more permanent home so please forgive me if you stop by for a visit and my living room is a disaster.
4) Move furniture from old studio up to new studio.
Everything will be a great big mess until it gets organized again.
I'll do my best to document the process with photos so you can join in on the fun, but if you really want to join in on the fun you can stop by and help move a few things. *wink, wink*
I'll post more of my 2013 goals tomorrow.
What are your goals for 2013?


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