Up and Working

Things started out well enough as I moved into the new, smaller studio once the bones were moved in.

 However I have a lot more than bones that needs to go in my studio!
Messy, messy, messy!
 It's still not as orderly as I would like but it is now in working order. I still want to put up some shelves.  All of the green lidded bins are going to be on shelves above the work table but until then they are out of the wayish.
 I'm liking the new dry erase and cork boards.
All of my rulers still don't have a home.  I've been wanting to buy one or two of these rulers to put them in:
It might be time to finally do that.
How do you store your rulers?
Anyone else have any brilliant ideas?


Sylvia said…
So, you know I am going to read your blog and you leave my fabric out for me to see? I was good and did not click on the photograph to make it larger and spoil the surprise.

The best place I have for my rulers is just leaning against my bookcase on the side by the door.
Lisa, I've considered one of those ruler-slot-thingies but the bottom line for me is I don't have counter space. I lean mine up against the side of a storage cart!
Not a very elegant solution, but I have the whole collection in one place, which is about the best I can do.

Good luck with the re-organization and settling in.
I'm STILL trying to finish my clean-out/reorg.

May the force be with you!
Laura said…
I use plastic or metal file folder holders that are sold in office supply stores like Staples, they're made to hold folders on your desk or whatever and don't cost too much, either. I've even found a couple at work that people were throwing away because they no longer wanted to use them.
Beverly said…
Hi, Lisa- I started off using one of those things, and gave it up because of the counter space issue. I now have a piece of pegboard mounted on the wall at the end of my cutting table. Holds all my rulers and some other stuff, and I can see everything. Works like a charm for me!
Susie Monday said…
I don't lave a lot of quilting rulers since I use a Xacto and metal edge rulers when I want straight lines (yeah, I never made a quilt) and so they are just hanging from hooks on the wall!

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