Shibori Scarf

I bought some rayon scarves while I was Dharma Trading in December.  I decided to try out some Shibori on it.  I tied up my button collection every which way.
 And then added a lot of diluted setacolor paint and set it all out in the bright winter sun.  The day was bright and beautiful but there was still a lot of moisture in the air so it didn't dry as quickly as it usually does.
I brought it inside and put it under a lamp to finish "cooking" in the "sun" then after removing all the buttons gave it a good ironing to set the paint.
 You can see a little bit of where the buttons were.
The shibori effect isn't as noticeable as I would have liked but it is still a pretty scarf.  My daughter saw the scarf with the buttons in it and immediately wanted the scarf WITH all the buttons in it.  It would have been a heavy scarf but it was pretty.  Perhaps I need to find something lighter to wrap up in the scarf to get the same effect without the weight.  Any ideas?
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Sylvia said…
Circles of template plastic.

Very pretty scarf!
Susie Monday said…
I think the issue is that your buttons needed to be ON TOP of the fabric to shade it from drying as quickly as the background did. So not sure how to make that work. Using some kind of clamped plastic would work for the circles -- fold the scarf and clamp on some plastic or foamie disks. The way this sun printing works is through capillary action-- as the sun dries the exposed fabric it wicks the paint from the parts that are shaded. Your buttons slowed down the drying where they were, but not enough to get really noticeable effects. The folds were doing the same thing. Make sense?
Lyn said…
how about some fabric yoyos?
Lyn said…
Sheesh, I wasn't very clear in my last comment... I was thinking of adding on (post dying) some fabric yoyos that were dyed from that color in slightly different shades, maybe a few touched up with some fabric patterns painted in with a fine brush, etc...
I have gotten some really strong effects with sun-dyeing with Setacolor but I have also had very little happen on what should have been a perfect sunny day. And I know if I leave it out too long everything fades out. Perhaps you should have let it finish drying out of the light to keep some of the contrast.

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