Printing and Writing

I decided to make a few pieces for the Amazing Alphabet Readers Challenge in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.  The rules are to create an original 4"x 6" mixed media piece of lettering.

I broke out my 6"x6" Gelli Plate.  I have used my larger plate a LOT, but haven't had a reason to use my smaller one yet and this seemed like the perfect project for it.  I added some acrylic paints to the plate, some homemade and store bought stencils and printed onto Strathmore Mixed Media 100 lb paper.  
I really should have cut more paper!  
The pieces print up so quickly and I really enjoy adding extra layers.  
I find mono-printing so relaxing.
I don't have any photos of the process because I was having too much fun and forgot to pull out the camera.
Some of the lettering was written directly onto the mono-printed pages and some were written on to white tissue paper and then applied to the mono-printed paper with Golden Matte Medium.  I was having a good time coming up with short L words because I like the letter "L".  Many years of writing a letter over and over can do that to you.
I then played with some other words which I thought might be appropriate for some friends who are going through hard times.

And finally I threw in one word for the fun of it. . .
. . . and it turned out to be my favorite piece.
Working with these pieces on paper has given me some fun ideas for a project I would like to do with fabric.  A fun mini-quilt made with monoprinted fabric and words cut from fabric using my electronic cutter.  I'll keep you posted!


landscapelady said…
very cool! Ive never worked with paper and it's interesting to see. I don't know what a gelli plate is, guess I should look it up:-)
thanks for sharing
Really fun to see these, Lisa! Thanks for sharing!

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