I had a great time at the Home Machine Quilt Show last week.  
The quilts and lectures were inspiring 
and the booths were a lot of fun to check out!
Here is the Best in Show quilt:
 A couple other big prize winners:

No prize but I loved this one.
I mean what geek doesn't love a Doctor Who Tardis Quilt!
 There were a lot of great quilts made by my friends:
 and 3rd place winner in the "Utah's Own" category, Karlee Porter.
Congratulations Karlee!
And my quilt:
Fractured Pi

 I love looking at group projects like this one from the Mt. Harrison Quilt Guild of the Wilson Theater in Rupert, ID.  The picture was divided into 40 blocks for 40 people and then put together into one fabulous quilt.
by The Colorado Springs Fiber Artists
was a group challenge to represent how they viewed the trails near their Colorado homes. 

A group of row quilts, made with Kaffe fabrics, led by my friend Kaye Evans.
 Here is Kaye's quilt. . .
 . . .and my friend, Bev DeMaria's quilt.
There was an especially touching special exhibit by Judy Elsley.
Judy was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of 2012.
"One of the things that sustained me through the year 
was making quilts about the breast cancer experience."
She showed 3 sets of work she made during her experience:
1. What the Body Knew
2. Journal Quilts
3. The Breast Cancer Experience
My favorites were the journal quilts.

 Does it make me a creepy person that I loved reading her journal and feeling her experience?

The booths were a lot of fun to visit and there were plenty of items I could have purchased but controlled myself and didn't!  I left with only 2 fat quarters!
I volunteered in the Utah Quilt Guild booth 
and demonstrated how to do image transfers with Transfer Artist Paper.
I really enjoyed talking with people about the reasons they should join a guild.  Without the support and guidance of the women in my guild I would not have been able to become the quilter and artist I am now.  They have pushed me to become more than I ever could have become without them.
Thank you ladies!
One of the booths I enjoyed visiting was Textile Time Travels with my friend Sandra Starley.
Sandra is a certified quilt appraiser and she has a beautiful collection of antique quilts.  I also attended her lecture to see some of those lovely quilts.

 This was my favorite out of all her quilts I saw.
It was an exhausting and fun day.
I'm glad I live so close to the event!


Lisa, Thanks for sharing your experience at the show. I've never attended one of these. It looks great! Your quilt was really beautiful. Congratulations!
Sandra said…
just stumbled across these great pics from HMQS. Great to see you. THanks for linking to my blog. Glad you enjoyed seeing my quilts ... and you have great taste- that wreath is fab.

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