Deals and Painting

First off, if you need more fabric for your stash, or even if you don't, Craftsy is having a fabulous Flash Sale today until Midnight.  40 to 70% off!  Click here and go check it out!  
I'll wait!
When you're done shopping come back 
and see what I've been up to this week!

My kids are out of school and I feel like I've been busier than ever!
And I suppose I shouldn't say they are out of school because they decided to take summer school classes.  Between classes, volleyball conditioning and hanging out with friends (theirs AND mine) 
I feel like I rarely get out of the car!
And I certainly haven't been in the studio! 
Oh well, I did spend two days with this view.
Two days at a volleyball tournament 40 minutes from home.  Thankfully they had wireless access so I could check email and such in-between the games.  
Shayna came with the second day and enjoyed the extra attention.
When I have been home I've been busy with house stuff.
The usual cleaning and cooking but also getting our guest room in order.
The room has been a place to pile stuff for the last few months but with my oldest daughter coming home for 6 weeks we need a place for her to stay!
The room was purple with lots of spots of spackle.
The hubby and I painted it a lovely shade of pale green.
This photo doesn't make it doesn't look very inviting yet does it?!?
If the quilt weren't there it would look like an institution!
I need to get moving and do something about that!
Time to make or buy curtains and get a few things up on the wall.
Next week while the girls are in school 
and then gone 3 days to camp 
I hope to actually make it back into the studio 
and get something creative done.

What have you been up to this summer?

Oh and don't forget about the book giveaway still going on here!


Chickpea said…
you are a supermom!
Lynda said…
Lisa, you are way too busy. Makes me tired! Hope you get some studio time. Love the inspiration!

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