More Doodle Coloring

I played around a bit more with color, gradient and texture in the zen doodle from my last post.

 Here's the before texture photo:
 The color and lines makes this one feel more masculine to me.
My friend, Anneliese, suggested turquoise with red so I drew a new piece and started on the turquoise.  I then decided that I didn't like the dots and lines in the flowers so I removed them all with photoshop and then. . .
. . . somehow ended up adding yellow instead of red!
 Next time I will play with the red!
Anyone have another color combination they think I should try?


Anneliese said…
Love the pink and turquoise gradients with the texture! It looks amazing! I like the turquoise and yellow too. Don't you just love playing around with stuff in Photoshop?

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