I know some pretty amazing quilters.
They belong to the same guild I do.
I wouldn't be doing the quilting I am doing today without them!
I'd like you to meet just a few of these great people:
This is Alice, she is 96 years old and she is still hand quilting everyday.
She just bought herself a new Bernina sewing machine because her two other machines finally gave up on her.
Alice is who we all want to be when we grow up.
 This is Anne.
Anne is a fabulous artist.
She inspires, encourages and uplifts me.
 This is Florence.
Florence used to be in the military and is very regimented in her work.
She does some of the most amazing piecing, appliqué and quilting.
She was the first person who taught me how to quilt with a walking foot.
This is JeanMarie.
She is a wonderful person.
JeanMarie designed and made this quilt for her grand baby.
Hand appliquéd with flannels.
 This is Mardi.
Mardi is the chair of our Charity Committee.
Thanks to her we donate quilts to the YWCA Women's Shelter, local police and firefighters, and Family Promise.
 This is Ruth.
Ruth has given me some great quilting advice in the past.
Her advice is always frank and exactly what I need to hear.
 This is Suzanne.
Suzanne is an amazing quilter and great teacher too.
Last night she did a brief presentation about how to quilt your quilts.
I learned a lot and I know others did too.
Nan, a fellow guild member, and great person, shared these photos with me because I didn't think to bring my camera.  Not to mention, those are my legs under the quilt behind Suzanne!  My photos wouldn't have been as nice.  The members of "my" guild have made a big difference in my life.  They are always so willing to share their knowledge and because of them I have been able to learn and grow.  And I know I still have so much to learn from them.
Do you have a group of quilting friends who have made you a better quilter and a better person as well?

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Sylvia said…
I have a wonderful group that I don't visit often enough! Too bad you didn't have a photo of Alice with her tiara! Good to see you in person for a change!
Regina B Dunn said…
Thanks for sharing your group. It was uplifting.
Susan Lenz said…
Thanks so much for commenting on my blog ... especially since that darn Google+ had me thinking that no one was reading for TWO MONTHS!

This blog post is WONDERFUL! You are so lucky to have such talented art quilting friends and such an active guild.

Also, I really enjoyed your new tutorial on Gelli Printing. Great job! Nice calm but energetic voice! Made me want to try it!
Prens said…
bravo mucos grasias bico
What a beautiful tribute to your friends! I love seeing their work along with a description of their personalities. Thanks for the "visit."

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