Zen Doodle Gardening

Inspired by this month's Sketchbook Challenge I sat down to doodle this evening.  I grabbed a plastic card from a the fun center I went to yesterday to use as a straight edge and ended up tracing around the entire card in various places around the sketchbook page.  I liked the base the rectangles gave me on the page.  I doodled around, filling every available space 
and when I finished. . .
 . . .I felt like I overwhelmed the page.
It was time to take what I learned and begin again.
I started with the smaller spaces. . .
. . .and then decided to fill in the larger spaces with oversized flowers.
Before I went too far I uploaded a photo of my garden doodle 
to play around with it in photoshop.
Some I saved and some I didn't, 
but I had a lot of fun and stayed up WAY too late.

I really like using complimentary color combinations.
I like that the large flower sections are colored in 
but the smaller sections are not.
I've yet to decide if I will add more doodling behind each large flower. 
Right now I am favoring the less is more method.  
We will see what tomorrow brings!
What do you think?


Lynda said…
Lisa, Love these!!
Anneliese said…
Beautiful! I love it! I wouldn't add any doodling behind the flowers, unless of course you're making them larger or adding large leaves. I like the red and green and the pink and orange.

You might try a red and turquoise one. Also have you though about using a gradient? (You know, giving it that 'super hip' ombre look). Have you tried changing your levels so that the paper color turns totally white?

Regardless of what you do, they are still a lot of fun. If you make any changes I'd love to see the updates!
Sylvia said…
Just because I am out there a bit, but I like the very first photo the best. The drawing is charming and doesn't need any frou frou'ing. But that is just my opinion, and that is why you pay me the big bucks, to be honest. :)
Anonymous said…
I like them a lot!
Hi, Lisa. I like your idea of "less is better". The bl/wh design suggests lots of possibilities--especially that it would be a knock-out on fabric and stitched.
best, nadia
Deborah OHare said…
Love zen tangles but find them very hard to do. Always end up staring at the page:)
These are lovely and are a great place from which to start other work.
Regina B Dunn said…
All of them look good, but I like the first one with the most doodling the best. I could see it with some color in the largest designs and then just black and white in the backgrounds.
Oooh very cool! I'm a zentangle fan and you have turned me on to this sketchbook challenge as I'm a constant doodler. This would be a lot of fun to color in and then paint with water color pencils!
Linda A. Miller said…
What fun! A great idea to upload to Photoshop and play with the colors.
I would never have thought to put it into photoshop and color them! Beautiful!

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