No Sun Sun-Painting

I've had the luxury of sewing all day today!
I am trying to make a small piece to enter in the 
As I looked at the piece, I wondered if it was done.
It needed something more.
Suddenly a light bulb went off
but in order to make my idea happen 
I needed another piece of sun painted fabric. 
That's when I realized it was dark outside. 
Oh right, I've done No-Sun-Sun-Painting before.  
I can do this!
I ran out to the compost bin 
for a large handful of leaves, 
and grabbed some coarse kosher salt from the kitchen. 
I pulled the setacolor from my paint bin
and a piece of pfd fabric and got to work.
Paint, paint, paint.
Spread leaves and tap down onto fabric to make sure they are sticking.
Sprinkle with salt and cook under lamps. 
I live in a very dry area so this works great.
It would probably even work in the dark.
I'll have to try that next time.
(Humidity affects the drying time and so the results aren't always as good in a humid climate.)
About an hour or so later, I removed the leaves and salt.
Just what I needed!
A couple closeups:
 The salt adds the little speckle-y bits to the background.
Hopefully I made enough!
Unfortunately I'm too tired to sew anymore tonight so I'll find out if my idea pans out later.
Anyone else working on a last minute deadline?


Lynda said…
Lisa, I can not believe this. Last night when I couldn't sleep with all of the fireworks going on, I thought about doing some sun printing. But since the sun hasn't been out now for several days I thought I'd try it without sun this next week. Seems like I had read somewhere that Setacolors work without the sun. Anyway, can't believe we were on the same wavelength! Your results turned out great.
Fibra Artysta said…
How incredibly cool is THAT? Love it! :)

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