Gel Glue Resist

When I blogged about my love of back-to-school supplies my friend Rayna mentioned that she likes to use gel glue to create designs on her silk screens.
I had used gel glue as a batik resist and so I knew I had to try this as soon as possible!

 I drew some circles and squiggles with the glue onto the wrong side of a blank silk screen and let it dry for a couple of days - NOT because it took that long to dry but because that is how long it was until I was ready to use it!

I pulled out a strip of ice dyed fabric and some textile paint and went to town.
My first try was with white and. . .
 After several printings of white, I added blue and purple.
 Here are a few close ups:

 So much lusciousness!

 Here is part of the back so that you can imagine more of what I started with.

 I ended up decorating the paper underneath as well. 
 Oh so pretty!
I have GOT to do this again!
Do you have any other cool uses for gel glue? 
Or another back-to-school supply?
I'd love to hear about it!

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I have read about using the glue as a resist and actually bought a bottle! That is as far as I got though.

I guess I need to do it after seeing your fabulous results!!!
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing! What a fun way to dye fabrics! Thanks for sharing. You have got a beautiful color fabric!
Anonymous said…
Lovely fabric!
Karol Kusmaul said…
Lisa, these are wonderful prints!! Makes me want to PLAY. Are you using acrylic paints?
Lynda said…
Lisa, Love, love, love this! I've used this glue resist directly on fabric but not on my screen. How neat! And your fabric turned out absolutely beautiful. Wow!
Regina B Dunn said…
Fun fabrics! Printing is too addictive isn't i? How do you clean the screen when you are finished?
Rayna said…
It breaks down, which is cool - and it washes out with soap and water. I love teaching this process because people get the most amazing results. And yours is a beauty! You can also use it with thickened dyes, but I like it better with paint.
Heather Pregger said…
What a fun technique! And very very cool results!
Oooh La La! Working with gel glue is so much fun and I haven't done it in a long time. Thanks for reminding me about it! Your cloth looks fabulous!
Rhonda said…
I loved your technique. The colors are gorgeous! Why don't you come show off at our link party. Both of us are ready to play with glue after your post.
Frenzy Friday
We are new bloggers but trying hard and with lots of passion.
Unknown said…
Looks like you had lots of fun and the results are stunning, beautiful!
I have used pva glue with mixed success for batik. Over here in the uk I am not familiar with gel glue but is it the same as pva - ie it dries clear? Such a fabulous technique with so many possibilities. Thanks for this.
Unknown said…
This is a heck of a lot better than trying to get the glue out of my painted works!
Wow Lisa, great job. I love gel glue, I have added it right to my fabric before painting it as a resist but love this. Will have to go and play!
Women playing like children - love it! Thank you for sharing the process, very interesting.

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