New Toy Fun

I got a new-to-me toy today that promptly moved into my daughters room.  
Do you see it in the mirror?
 It is an old Opaque Projector!
Do you remember opaque projectors from school?
You're probably too young to remember them.
Place a book or a piece of paper inside 
and it projects the image onto the wall or screen.
This black spot on the wall is chalkboard paint which used to be surrounded with squares of cork board but the cork kept falling off the board so it was time for something new.
My daughter used the opaque projector to trace a silhouette of a bird onto the black square and then painted it in a rainbow of colors.  Next she traced some flowers onto the bird. . . 
 . . .and put a frame around it.
I think we are going to have some real fun with the new toy.


Sylvia said…
Wow! that is such a cool idea!

So, where did you find the projector?
Anneliese said…
That is awesome! Tell Ann great job!

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