Whenever I finish something 
I think of this spunky woman from an episode of MASH 
- she is at the 45 second mark.

"FINISH!" I'm done and I ain't doin' no more!

Thanks to everyone for their comments and kind words about getting rid of the quilt police in my head. I didn't pick out the square quilting.  I cut the edges a little wavy but maybe they should have been a little more wavy. 
Oh well.

After some internal debate I decided to do a faced binding.

It's been a little while since I did a faced binding and I forgot how to do it so I started it all wrong and picked it out again, looked up a tutorial and did it right the second time.  "Lost in Transition" is now FINISH!  Well actually it still needs a label and sleeve, and then it is FINISH!
What are you finishing these days?


Sylvia said…
I like that you did not pick out the square quilting! Love the faced binding, well done!
I really like the color combo, Off the wall Friday brought me to your page. Some times a little wavy is not enough, it just looks a little wonky, ya gotta go real WAVY! I learned this the hard way, everyone kept saying my quilt wasn't square. it wasn't supposed to be! Great finish!
Regina B Dunn said…
Very nice! Can you post a link to the tutorial for the faced binding?

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