New Glasses

I need a new pair of glasses so I ordered 5 pair of glasses to try on from Warby Parker for FREE.  I tried them on virtually first but it was much better trying them on in my house.  I was able to tell if the glasses would be comfortable AND good looking.

I really liked the way these looked but they did not fit on my ears at all.  
I thought these green frames made me look a bit sickly.
 I was trying to get a look at the green legs on these purple frames.
 And this pair FELT great and I think they look good too.
 And of course I had to see how they fit on the top of my head because this is where I wear my glasses most!

 Warby Parker has teamed up with Beck to create a limited-edition pair of frames to promote Beck's upcoming Song Reader concert.  They weren't available when I sent for my sample frames.  The new Limited Edition Carmichael Frames - Inspired by Beck, are available to purchase today and are only available while supplies last. The Carmichael frames are available in two different styles for both men and women. To check out the Carmichael frames or to learn more about the Warby Parker and Beck collaboration, check out


Thread Born said…
Like that last pair! Didn't know there was a place where you could try on the frames for real. I used zeni optical. Had to do a bit of adjusting with the frames and get used to the new prescription...though I really like them now and the cost for the frameless was about 1/7 the cost of them at Pearle.

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