Townhouse Quilt Finish!

I received a lot of great suggestions as to where to place the flag on my townhouse quilt so I printed out a few different flags (as well as the label) onto a piece of TAP (Transfer Artist Paper), then ironed the transfers onto Mistyfused fabric. . .
. . . so I could try the flags out in different areas.
First on the right side of the door. . .
 . . .flying on top of the building. . .
 . . . and hanging from the top of the building.
I decided to go with the flag flying
 from the top of the building to offset the tree.  
I took the piece to my friend Juliette's house 
so that I could quilt it on her lovely Bernina 440.  
And so I could visit with Juliette.
Pretty sure I did more visiting than quilting
(more about that later in the week)
but in the end it was all good because
I finished the quilt!

Thank you everyone for your suggestions!
I love hearing from everybody, because I value your opinions.
It is nice to hear from someone who isn't as close to the project.
Thanks again!


Lynda said…
Lisa, I love this!! It turned out great and the placement of the flag was perfect!
Jeannie said…
The flag looks fantastic! As does the townhouse! How did you like the Bernina? I am tempted whenever I see one. :)

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