Just laying back, relaxing, enjoying the pre-holidays.

OH That is SO FUNNY!!!

My sides hurt!

I'm a last minute kinda person.  
The holidays always sneak up on me! 
I've been working on finishing up some gifts, 
doing last minute shopping and thinking about doing some baking.  
 These are just two of the types of cookies I normally bake each Christmas.
However this year is a little different.  
My youngest daughter and I have taken gluten out of our diet to see if it will help her Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome and my arthritis.  It is hard to eat gluten-free when other people in the house are still eating gluten!  But it does help to have a buddy.  Fortunately for us, my friend, Terina, just did a few posts on her gluten free blog about a cookie sharing party she had.  She has posted a number of fantastic looking gluten-free cookie recipes.
If you would like to try some of these yummy recipes go over to Our Gluten Free Reality.  I know I will be trying out the Pecan Tassies recipe because Christmas isn't Christmas at our house without "Nut Cups."  Mmmmmmmmm
What is your favorite baked good during the holiday season?


Beverly said…
Are those kolake (spelled wrong!) in the second picture? Yum, my favorite Christmas cookie?

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