I'm ready!

Last week my local Blick/Utrecht store had a big event.
Everything was at least 20% off.
They also had a wheel you could spin and win prizes.
I think I restrained myself pretty well.
I won the sample set of Blickrylic paints and then purchased everything else.
I bought the deli paper from the local grocery store for only $4.50.
I'm all set for some serious Gelli printing on paper.
And of course there are other projects that must be done first, 
but at least I am ready when I find the time!
What are you up to today?


Looks like some serious fun!
Jeannie said…
What fun!!! I wish we had a Blick close by, but probably good on the old wallet that we don't. You did use restraint! Were did you find the deli paper? I am assuming it is by the foil and saran wrap. I have looked at my regular store, but I am going to have to check out some others. Have fun experimenting!!!

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