Wonky Lines - The Printed Fabric Bee

 Gerrie Congdon was this month's Queen at The Printed Fabric Bee.  
She requested fabric with wonky, organic lines and she said that she liked orange, red and chartreuse.  Now that is a color way I can get in to!  

I started off by creating a half yard piece of ice dyed fabric using Gerrie's three colors.  
The Chartreuse is hiding on the right hand side.
Next I designed a stencil using my Silhouette electronic cutter and a sheet of transpanency film from a photograph of tree bark.  Believe it or not, creating the stencil was the most time consuming part of this project!
The stencil is hard to see in this photo but it is sitting on top of the fabric.
Little tiny lines and irregular shapes cut perfectly.
I taped the stencil to the bottom of a blank screen. . .
 . . . and pulled prints over the entire piece with red textile paint (Jacquard).

 Here's a close up of the resulting pattern.
 Gerrie wanted an 8"x18" piece.
Here is a close up of the 6" giveaway piece.

Visit Gerrie's blog or our Facebook page to enter for a chance to win all 9 six inch Wonky line blocks!  Then hop over to all The Printed Fabric Bee member's blogs to see how they have created their Wonky Line fabrics this past month.

Julie Bassechess Booth: http://www.threadbornblog.com/

Susan Purney Mark: http://susanpm.com/

If you created any wonky lines of your own, please post them on our Facebook page.  If you posted your wonky lines on your blog I would be happy to pin them to our Pinterest Board too, just send me the link!


I'd love to hear more about how to create a stencil!

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