Spirit Week

We've got spirit, yes we do, we've got spirit, how 'bout you?!?
I have a daughter involved in student government at her high school and she has spent months working with her fellow officers getting everything ready for this week: Spirit Week.  One of the main activities is a hall decorating contest between the four grades.  Each grade is assigned a color scheme - same one every year - and the Juniors get Yellow.  They can also use gold, white and silver, but predominately it has to be YELLOW.  Let me just say that the Junior hall is VERY bright!  So for the past few month's my daughter and a few others have been spending hours after school, projecting, tracing and finally painting.  This past weekend they were given two days to get it all hung.  Their theme is Jailbreak Juniors and Thursday night I was informed that they needed 250 sets of paper handcuffs and 250 skull and crossbones die cuts.  Fortunately I know someone with a Silhouette electronic cutter. *wink wink*  
I am so grateful that "we" didn't have to go to the scrapbook store and cut them out individually with a die cut machine, or that we didn't have to cut them out by hand.  I'm also grateful that I have two mats for my Silhouette!  I was worried that perhaps my Silhouette (Sil, for short - cause I am short on imagination when comes to naming my machines) would burn up with all the cutting she was doing.  I was putting paper in her for a straight 5 hours but I didn't have any problems!  I am so proud!

 And here is the aftermath!!!
I'm pretty sure that I now have about a thousand cut out circles.  I thought about putting them all into the recycle bin but then it occurred to me that they would be a lot of fun to use with my Gelli Plate.  Keep watch for them in the future!
After spending all day Friday cutting things out, my other daughter and I were asked (more like pleaded with) to please join the fun at the school.  They still needed help painting and there were many things still to be hung.  We complied.

. . .and we got a little silly as the day went on.
Here is my greatest contribution:  I painted all the windows out front.
I even added a little imagination and put a few bad guys trying to break out of the jail at the bottom:
Sorry - he's pretty creepy!
The kids did a much better job with their villains:
 Sorry about the lighting - they had covered the overhead lights with yellow cellophane so it is hard to see the contrast on some of these.

 The joker is Em's big contribution.  
She spent many hours painting him!

 You can see the pillars in this photo where they put all of the handcuffs and Skull and crossbones. Someone spent the time to write the names of every Junior class member on these die cuts!
 Ann's big contribution was all the free hand lettering on these, and quite a few other signs.
Last night we spent the evening creating everything to turn the 3 trash cans into daleks (little evil robots from Doctor Who) and WE DIDN'T get any PICTURES!  They looked great too!
The good news is that after all this work they WON the hall decorating contest!  Well they took second place but that is because the Seniors ALWAYS get first place, so it was clearly a victory!
Great job everyone!

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Unknown said…
Woohoo, congrats to her and way to go, you!!!
Lynda said…
Wow! What a project! You are such a great mom.

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