Monoprinting Thermofax Workshop

Last week I went up the canyon to a workshop sponsored by the Utah Surface Design Group.  
 Timmy, co-president of USDG, has a wonderful studio that she generously shares with the group for workshops.  Timmy was drying some herbs in the studio kitchen.  The canning jar on the left is filled with mint tea she brewed fresh for the group.
 I dyed some fabrics the night before and had to wash them out before I could get started.
I used color magnet on the piece at the right.

 In the morning we made and played with Thermofax screens.

I decided to experiment with my cog thermofax . . .
. . .and some silver paint.
I really like it!
I have since added a gold layer as well.
 My friend, Lynn Dell, used one of my zentangle drawings to make the thermofax on the right.
I just love how it turned out!  
I also love the dot thermofax she made!
 After lunch I taught an Intro to Gelli Plates class.
 I found a new use for Gelli Plates. . . paint tattoos. . . similar to Henna tattoos but more. . .ummm. . .organic?
 Timmy has the lovely 12x14" plate which she generously allowed me to play with!
I had such a great time I forgot to take more photos while I was printing.

 My friend Sally, pictured above, made this beautiful print.
She made a number of stencils with a glue gun before she came.
 This was one of my demo pieces.
This was my favorite piece I made:

 We all had a lot of fun.

Show & Tell:
 Lynn Dell makes beautiful tie-dye shirts.

 Diane, who looks a little surprised in this photo, was given a used blue denim jacket and over dyed it red.
 I love the texture!
I need to do this.
 I love being able to get together to create and learn with friends!

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Sylvia said…
Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I just wish I wasn't so far away and could join this group. :(
Gill said…
What fun you all had !!
I love the cogs !
LA Paylor said…
another lucky person to have a great group
LeeAnna Paylor
Teri Berry said…
looks like you had a lot of fun and produced some beautiful fabrics. Excited to see how you use these...
Margaret Cooter said…
Glue gun stencils - new to me! Thanks for the link!

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