Doodling on Brayered pages

I'm preparing to teach a class about Monoprinting on fabric this week and so I have been working on a lot of sample pieces.  I recently read a great tip about cleaning the brayer off into a sketchbook and using it as a background for collage or drawing. I LOVE this tip!
So far I have created two doodles onto my brayered pages that I just love!
Flowers are always my go to drawing.  
 And trees come in a close second!

This one makes me think about the long cold winter we have ahead of us in the northern hemisphere!
Do you have a favorite go-to doodle?


Unknown said…
I love the tree doodle!!! Hoping that the long cold winter ahead is just a myth!!!
These are gorgeous - thanks for sharing!
barb said…
Great idea about using the brayer prints. I often use them, too, in the piece that I'm gelli printing (art journal page, etc.) so that the colors are cohesive. But, I love your idea about using a clean off page as a background for doodles. My doodles tend to be flowers or scrolls.

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