Science Giveaway

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to head up the canyon and spend time working in my friend Timmy's studio.  The day was perfect!
I decided to use my time to work on my piece for The Printed Fabric Bee.
October's Queen Bee was Jackie Lams of Studio Lams
and her theme was Science.
I decided to create some drawings of different things as they look at a cellular level.  I created a thermofax screen of blood cells, brain cells, onion skin cells and eucalyptus leaf cells.
I tried them all out on paper before I moved to fabric.
Once I decided which screens would work best, 
I pulled out a piece of ice dyed fabric as my base.
I really liked the look of the onion skin cells.
They almost look like an old brick wall.
The blood cells and eucalyptus leaf cells designs seemed too heavy 
so I chose to use the brain cells in turquoise.
I made a very large piece of fabric.
I only needed a 12x12" and 6x6" piece.
I'm sure I can figure out what to do with the rest. :D
And now for the giveaway!

Pop over to 
and leave a comment for your chance to win these ELEVEN 6x6" custom made fabrics.
Don't forget to pop over to everyone's blogs to find out how their fabrics were made, and be sure to give a special welcome to our new members!


Lynda said…
Lisa, Love your piece!
Gill said…
Fabulous! I love the brain cells!
Susana said…
Si si , llego tarde ,me encanta su diseño,mi amor por su trabajo.

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