Spring Challenge

Last week was a beautiful spring break at our house.  
The weather was fabulous but . . . Two words: stomach flu.  
Do I need to say that we didn't get much crossed off the to-do list???
I was able to get some cleaning and a little sewing done. 
Mister supervised the cleaning of the studio of course.
My daughter decided the Bird Wings needed a home until we find the perfect backpack.
They make an interesting bra don't they!
I started this project when I was at Pie Plates Retreat.
I really like where it is going.

I need to dye more of the turquoise leaf fabric because I would like this piece to be much bigger.  I created the fabric using a foam stamp with Color Magnet and diluted turquoise procian dye.  The purple is left over from my Printed Fabric Bee Science piece.  I just love these colors together.  When I started the project, my friend, Sylvia, threw a piece of plain peach fabric at me and challenged me to put it in.  I argued with her about it.  
"I only want the solid white as an accent! The peach will be ugly!!!"  
"Just try it!" She said.
It's hard to argue with her.  She's more stubborn than I am. 
I am now ashamed to say that I love the peach! 
I might have to buy more.
Sometimes it good to get a push in the right direction.
Do you like challenges?


Sylvia said…
I like being right!
Love the quilt you have started, the colors are great.
Unknown said…
ha... Sylvia was right! I love this piece... and I especially love the turquoise leaf fabric!!! I have a bottle of color magnet but have yet to open it!!!
Lynda said…
Lisa, I love this piece. I also would have never thought of peach. It really works and I think much better than white. Can't wait to see it when it done. Good job!
Bren Murphy said…
Loving your pictures and the brilliant way you have put your story across - you're an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!

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