Marks with Found Objects

What a challenge this month's Printed Fabric Bee was!  Queen Bee Leslie Jenison asked for Marks with Found Objects in neutrals with a pop of color.  Neutrals are always a challenge for me.  I work mostly in brights!  What was I to do?!?!?  I decided to mix a little Setacolor paint together and make a brown sun print for the background. Brown is a neutral, right?

How was I to make marks with found objects in a sun print?  That part turned out to be quite simple.  I grabbed leaves, grasses and whatever objects I found on the ground  . . .

. . .and put them on top of the watered down wet paint, and then left it all in the sun until it dried.

I love leaving crinkles when I make sun prints.  
They look beautiful!

Next came adding more marks with pops of color.   I used my Gelli® plate as a paint palette by rolling out some orange Setacolor . . .
. . . and then laying down a piece of window screen on the plate.  I rolled a dry brayer across the screen so it picked up the paint. . .
. . .and laid it onto the fabric to make random prints.
Next, I bunched up a piece of netting from a turkey bag and stamped marks.
I like how these look like bits of grass.
Lastly, using the Gelli® plate as a paint palette again, I dipped a pinecone into the paint and stamped away.  I thought the color I printed the pinecones in was too bright so I printed over the top of them with white and I really like how that turned out.
Here is the full 8x18" piece

This piece has been ironed, so all the "wrinkles" you see are from the sun printing.

I also made an extra piece - it is more a 9x9" than a 6x6" - for the giveaway.  If you would like to enter for a chance to win my piece as well as hand printed pieces from the rest of the Hive, please leave a comment on our Facebook page at:

You can also visit the other members of the Hive to see how they created their pieces:

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I love your approach to the theme! I love the subtle design the sun prints create!
Unknown said…
Great ideas.Thanks for sharing!

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