Gelli® Plating with Kids

My daughter is Nannying two girls, ages 10 and 7, a couple days a week.  Today I talked the three of them into playing with paint.  It didn't take much talking. I got everything out, gave them a little instruction and they were ready to GO!
 I taught them not to be afraid of the paint - haha- just kidding - that skill came naturally.
 I taught the 7 year old to always put the brayer up and she remembered EVERY time.

 I forgot to teach my daughter and the 10 year old. . . Oops!
After they made a lot of prints I showed them how they could draw over the top of their prints. . .
. . .so they decided to paint on top.
 I made everyone stop for a hand-selfie before they ran out the door for gymnastics.
I hope they washed their hands before going on the equipment!

Here is the aftermath.
It's really not as messy as I thought it would be, and I was able to clean it up quick.
Here are some of their prints:
 And of course the papers from the roll off of their brayers were just as beautiful as their prints!

It was a very fun afternoon!


Lynda said…
What fun! Great prints.
Unknown said…
Looks like lots of fun!!!! have a great weekend!

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