Bunny Paper - Alphabet Transfer

I am in the middle of #carvedecember.  Thirty one days of carving a stamp (or two) everyday of the month.  I decided I wanted to carve my own alphabet.  I lost track of time the other night drawing a very simple alphabet.  

When I started thinking about how I would transfer the letters onto the Speedy Carve I immediately wondered if I could use the Bunny Paper from Mistyfuse to do the job.

I scanned the alphabet into the computer and printed it onto the shiny side of the Bunny Paper.  I used the fast mode on my Brother Ink Jet printer so there wasn't much ink.  I worried that maybe it wouldn't work.

But it did!

All I had to do was lay the Bunny Paper on top of the Speedy Carve and rub!

The biggest issue I had was in getting the lettering lined up so that I didn't waste any of the Speedy Carve.  I was able to remove the transfer from the Speedy Carve, as well as the Bunny Paper with a wet paper towel.  I was also able to put the Bunny Paper through the printer a second time after it had been wiped clean.  I finally decided the best solution was to slice off a smaller piece of Speedy carve and lay it on top of the letters I wanted to transfer and then flip it over to rub the lettering on.


Next time I need to use the Bunny Paper with fabric!


Lynda said…
Lisa, Awesome! How many times can you use Bunny? Can't wait to see what you do on fabric with it.

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