Fat & Fluff

When I was too brain dead to draw anything to carve the other day my daughter drew a cartoon of our cat, Mister, whom she affectionately calls "Fatty". (He weighs 21 lbs)

I asked her if she wanted the word carved into his stomach and she said "yes!" 

So I humored her.

Awww, poor kitty is very angry at being called Fat!  I don't blame him.

She decided I needed to make a stamp of our other cat, Keiko, whom she calls "fluff."

One of Keiko's ears is wonky and she captured it perfectly in the drawing.

Once they were both done, I stamped them together.

I think Keiko should be very worried right now because it looks like Mister is about to pounce!

Days 16 & 17 of #carvedecember


Lynda said…
Lisa, These are both so cute! I love all of your new stamps.

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