Stars and Hearts

I really want to make Christmas cards.  
Great time to think about them, huh?  
Since it's Christmas day and all.
Let's just say I'm a year early.
I've come up with an idea for cards that involve Gelli® prints and . . .surprise, surprise. . . hand carved STAMPS.  The first part is a heart inside a star.

I was pretty upset with myself when I slipped with the gouge and broke into the line of the star the first time.  But what are you going to do at that point?  Start over?  I think not. 
Then I did it AGAIN!  
Good grief.  
I kept carving.  
UGH I did it a THIRD time!!!
 Good thing I was done carving by then.  
I stamped the star and found I LOVE the breaks in the lines!  So lets just forget all I just told you about it being a mistake and pretend I planned on cutting into the lines in the first place.
It will be our little secret.

While playing with the stamp I found they made a cute little wreath.

My wreath looks more Independence Day than Christmas Day but it's okay. 
I'm working 7 months ahead.


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