Book Arts Drop In & Print

The Book Arts Program at the University of Utah sponsors free workshops.  My friend, Dana Perez, introduced me to the program and I am in love!  My daughter and I went to our first Drop In workshop a couple of weeks ago and we had a grand time.

First we went into the wet classroom and learned about Print Litho from Allyn Hart.  We used black and white copied images that we covered in a liquid gum arabic.  The gum arabic acted as a resist.  We then rolled an oil paint over the image and the paint stuck to the copied image, allowing us to make a print of the image.

There were a lot of people participating.
Fun to see so many of all ages enjoying art!

These are our prints and ghost prints:

The two cleaner prints in the center are my daughters. Sigh.  She picked this up quickly.

Next we went into the larger classroom and made . . .
Gelli® prints!

She really enjoyed trying out new things in her prints.

Not too messy.
They also had plates made with just gelatin to play on.  They didn't have silicone in them so they broke up pretty easily but they were still fun.  

These are the mono-prints we made:

One of the best parts of going up to the Book Arts department is seeing all of these beautiful presses!

And drawers and drawers and. . .

. . . drawers of type!
So many lovely presses. *swoon*

I look forward to going back again!


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