Scarf Dyeing Samples

I'm making samples for my Shibori Scarf Dyeing class coming up this fall at Art Access.
This first scarf was created with folding and tying (Itajime and Miura).
The dyes were mixed last July.  
They still worked but were no where near as saturated as freshly mixed dyes.

The other scarf sample was created using Maki-nui - oversewn stitching.

The stitch creates a resist that resembles little chevrons.

I used a combination of Indigo Blue and Orange Sherbet dye, which mixed to create lots of lovely browns and greens in addition to the blue and orange.  I think it is a perfect fall color combination.
The stitching of the entire scarf took a lot longer than we will have in class but it will be a nice option for future reference.

The class will be held on October 15th from 1 to 4 p.m.
Call 801-328-0703 to sign up.


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