Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop

The Fruit Trees are blooming so that must mean. . . 

It's time to Clean!

I posted a photo of my very dirty 9'x10' studio on social media and Cheryl Sleboda over at Muppin.com immediately invited me to be a part of her Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop 2016.  It's so nice to have supportive friends that encourage you to get your rear in gear and start cleaning!
I could have ignored her request and kept making messes, after all I could still see most of the floor, but when all the table and ironing board surfaces get covered I start itching to clean.

Of course cleaning creates all kinds of new messes.
Items must be moved, cleaned (the fan was full of cat fur!), or tossed, before finally making their way back home.  
(Some day I'll have a naming contest for my mannequin.  
It seems a shame that she is nameless.)

Anyway - one of the studio assistants decided I cleared this spot out just for him.
Of course that stalled progress for a minute or two.  Thankfully he soon became bored and left me to do my thing.  
(Some day I will finish patching the wall and repaint the room, but in the meantime there are other creative endeavors to accomplish.)

And just when I thought I'd never finish - Ta Da!!!!  Clean surfaces! The bottom might look messy to the untrained eye, but I know what each basket and bag contains so I find it perfectly organized.  Not to mention, I have short legs so I don't need a lot of leg space down there.

My favorite change in this year's Spring Studio Clean Up 
is the corner that Mister tried to claim for himself.

I purchased a mini microwave oven to use for quick dyeing, added some quilts to the wall and then pinned up a wire shelf I found at the thrift store for a buck fifty.  It is the perfect size to hold all my ribbons.  I can now see all the pretty colors and this all together just makes my heart sing.  

My friend and I often joke about when the cleaning fairies are going to arrive, 
but experience has taught me that those fairies are sneaky!  

They never do the cleaning themselves.  They just hit me with their wand and make ME do it all by myself!  I hope this blog post may have sent the fairies your way and helped to inspire you to clean a little something.  If you need further inspiration, pop on over to these other great blogs for some fabulous cleaning and storage ideas:

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Lynda said…
Great cleanup!! Your little microwave fits perfect. Love that you've hung quilts on the wall. I'm blessed with windows in my studio, but that means very little wall space. Well, I see a cleanup in my future. Thanks for the inspiration.
lindaroo said…
Here via the Hop, and what a fun place to visit!
Pamela said…
I had to look twice because our sewing rooms could almost be twins! I have the same color on my walls!
Linda Smith said…
I want you to name your mannequin. How about Venus? After the Venus de Milo statue with no arms.

Venus de Milo
Venus no Smilo (since she has no head)

Why would I want to clean my quilting area? That is time taken away from sewing. Only, not really, since it takes forever to find anything. OK, I'm in.

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