Spring Market Set Up

Judy Gula from Artistic Artifacts asked for my help in getting her things over to the Salt Palace from her hotel and for me to go to her Schoolhouse lecture about Batik panels.  I was glad to be of assistance. 

I picked Judy and her husband up about 9 a.m. and when we arrived at the Salt Palace things were already hopping.  Large crates blocked many of the isles and some booths were almost completely set up, while others, were completely empty.

Judy's booth went together quickly thanks to a lot of pre-planning.

Judy was happy to get things put together as she was nervous about her Schoolhouse Presentation that afternoon.

Iris, from Mistyfuse, arrived to set up her booth but soon found that Fed Ex hadn't delivered her packages yet.

Thankfully we were able to track the boxes down and have them nabbed before being put on the truck that would deliver them the next day.  The next day would have been a day late and a dollar short.  Judy and I both decided that getting Iris' product was important and so I took Iris, Michelle to the Fed Ex facility in North Salt Lake to rescue the boxes instead of helping with Judy's Schoolhouse.  I was very sad to miss her schoolhouse though.
The Fed Ex facility happens to be around the corner from Handi Quilter headquarters and so we stopped for a brief tour after rescuing the boxes.  I'm thankful we did as we got to see a lot of great quilts as well as the great people who work at Handi Quilter.
Luke Haynes was having a big show of his quilts which were visible from the lobby:

My favorites were from his Log Cabin Quilts.  Log cabin blocks have always been one of my favorite quilt blocks!  I love how he played with the black in these blocks making the straight blocks look wonky:

While there we also found out that Handi Quilter had developed a line of new sewing machines!

There are three new machines, all very reasonably priced too.
I'm excited to see what people say about the machines as they use them!

Me, Iris, Brenda and Michelle getting our selfie on at Handiquilter.
After Handiquilter we all required sustenance and then we made our way back to set up the booth, and be ready for business on the first day of Spring Market!



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