Branding Myself

Many years ago I was trying to come up with an email address for my first Juno account.  Anyone remember Juno??? That seems like eons ago!  Anyway, my two oldest had come up with clever email addresses for themselves.  A name that was more original than just a variation of their name and it used things they liked.  I, on the other hand, was struggling to come up with something I liked. I kept saying to myself "I just want something clever!"  Finally about two in the morning it hit me: Something Clever!  I would be literal!  Ever since then my email addresses and then my blog have been some type of variation on this theme of "Something Clever."  I tried out CleverLady for awhile but I thought it sounded a bit too presumptuous, so I changed it to SomethingLisa.  This became my user name on Pinterest, and lots of other sites, and eventually became the name of my shop on Etsy.  

I bring this up because I have been thinking a lot about branding ever since 
I took a very informative online class from 

I'm still searching for just the right brand name for myself, but when it came time to create another stamp for Carve December I thought I would play with a logo for SomethingLisa.  Originally the C was meant to be a copyright symbol but I quickly realized it also worked for my last name.

In my drawing I attempted to make the circle around the C look thread going in to a needle.  I also added a paint brush to show my love of surface design.

I wasn't too excited about the C, so I cut it off.

I think I might be getting somewhere.  
Not a bad place to start.


Kathy said…
Looks like a great start. "They" say that it's always better to have something with your name in it, don't "they" ? And when someone is looking for an item by you know, Lisa are all ready for that! You've got it covered forwards and backwards!

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