This commission project took months because the client and I don't live in the same state, and she is very left brain and I am very right brain.  We don't always speak the same language.  Plus she is working on her Phd, so the time we spend talking about the projects she requests are very limited.  Oh, and did I mention she is my daughter?  I wouldn't do this for just anyone, well at least not without a great big bill at the end!

She had purchased a new journal and wanted something on the front to make it her own.  Last year I had created an elephant for her.  This year she had a new idea.  Her first thought was a mandala of some type, maybe with a flower.  She wasn't able to be very specific so I just went with what I liked, because, well, why not!  The worst she could say was no . . . and she did.

"No, mandala probably wasn't the right idea.  A motif of some sort with a simple flower."

"No, too much."  I still really liked my flower idea, as she threw other ideas my way, so I drew this flower:

"That's nice but not what I want. I have an image in my mind of a cursive B."
Okay, how about this. . .

"No, definitely too ornate."
I really should have known better - this daughter likes things that look classic, elegant, yet simple. After a few more photos back and forth I finally came up with this idea:


It took another month for me to get it cut because of going out of town and other projects but when I finally cut it all out with my Silhouette I asked myself, "Why don't I do this more often?!"  It always cuts easily and looks so classy.  I cut another project for her friend's journal but I forgot to photograph the vinyl.  Perhaps she will send me a photo to share!


Lynda said…
Oh Lisa, Oh, my, reminds me of the old graphic design days with clients. What a great post showing the process. Some beautiful designs and love the end result.

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