Odd shapes

Whenever I visit Phoenix I feel a strong desire to visit two stores: Portillo's and Jerry's Artarama.  This past visit was not an exception, and as always I left both places of business very satisfied.  One of the items I purchased at Jerry's Artarama was a small French Curve:

I haven't a clue how to properly use a French Curve, but lately I have felt the desire to have one, so I bought one. It was less than $3 and it makes me happy.  I decided to try it out in a stamp design and after some playing around came up with this:

An odd shape.  Kind of looks like a fancy X??? It was late when I finished this and so I decided to call it my stamp for Day 26.  The next day I started drawing out some possibilities to take the stamp a bit further:

And after an hour of slow carving I had my completed stamp:

Am I the only one who see's the number 96?  
Very odd stamp.  
Not my favorite.  
Oh well, on to the next one!


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