Embossed Journal

Last week I blogged about this journal.  
It was a test in embossing.

Once I knew the embossing powder would work on a similar surface to a Moleskine journal, my daughter and I worked together on an image.  She wanted something abstract but tidy.  Finally an image was born, and carved.  The image was trimmed several times until it had just the right balance of negative and positive space.  Each edition was stamped on to deli paper the size of the journal to see if it would work.  I would have been happy with the first edition, but as I carved away more and more I loved the stamp more and more.  My daughter's vision was awesome.

Finally the image was embossed on to the journal.  
Whew!  I was pretty nervous I would mess it up.

Each time I sprinkled the embossing powder, some of it would stick where it didn't belong and no amount of tapping or hitting the journal would shake it off.  Ultimately I used a paint brush to carefully brush off the extra powder.  It can be a slow process but it is totally worth the time!

And there you go!


Jennilyn said…
I love to see your projects! Inspiring!

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