The messes of my studio have not prevented me from wanting to create! When I can't motivate myself to clean, I simply push aside a few things and start working. Mister decided he needed to supervise. He is very helpful like that!

A while back I drew some fish and I've been wanting to carve them.

Fishy #1.

And Fishy #2

Fishy #2 was feeling a little shy and needed some seaweed to hide in, so of course, I obliged them and carved some.

These didn't take long, and they make me feel happy!

Tomorrow will be the big reveal of my Spring Studio Clean Up.
There will be a big surprise so be sure to stop by.


Jeannie said…
I love your fish. They have so much personality! I am so glad I'm not the only one who clears a tiny spot to create. I don't like chaos, so eventually I break down and clean.

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