Idea Museum

While in Arizona last week we took the grandkids to the Idea Museum. There was a fun Superhero exhibit going on, which was perfect for our superhero obsessed grandchild!  He wasn't as interested in drawing his own comic, or creating much of anything, but he loved the puppet theater, and the green screen with rotating backgrounds.  

We spent a lot of time throwing rocks and logs at him while he watched himself fly through the air, or jump off a building.  Loads of fun!  And before someone reports us, the rocks and logs were pillows!

Personally I loved the superhero artwork they had on the walls, and thought I would share a few of them here: Four, by Geoffrey Gersten.

I found these four pieces very fun to look at.
They were all created by Josh Ln.

And lastly, these fantastic watercolors by Clementine. 


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