Quilters Holladay Annual Dye Party

Every July my quilt guild has a dye party.
For some members it is the only time they get to dye, and even though others dye often, it is always fun to dye as a group.  More colors, lots of great ideas shared, and just fun to be together.

Betty Jo (back left) has let us use her lovely yard for the last ten years.
Not everyone dyes fabrics during the party.  Some sit and stitch, or just visit, and some bring wonderful show and tell projects like this one made by Ruth.
 Anne and I mixed the dyes in a very heavy concentrate.
We have two junior members in the guild and this is one of their favorite nights too.

Betty Jo has property in the back which she rents out for grazing.  
This year it was these beautiful miniature ponies.

 The group likes to do ice dyeing so I set up a "station" which allows them to dye without the powders flying. They place their bucket or bag in the box, then don a mask and glasses before applying the dye powder to the ice.

 One member discovered a great way to recycle containers from work!

 Fabric marbling with shaving cream is always popular.

 Of course the dyeing is rarely limited to pfd fabric!

Another year in the bucket!


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