Shibori Itajami Dyeing

Because I had been gone so long, I didn't have time to mix the dyes before teaching at the Utah Quiltfest.  It was extremely windy outside so I set up a dye mixing station in the bathroom of my hotel room. I placed a piece of large piece of soda ashed pfd fabic in a cardboard box I got from the front desk.  The wet fabric collected stray dye particles, and I wore a mask, gloves and glasses to keep the dye from me.
Sometimes gloves aren't much help. Oops.
 The day of class was fabulous!
 We had a wonderful room to work in, filled with natural light, and well covered with plastic.

The people in class were all awesome!

 The students were very creative with the instructions given.

And the results were fabulous! 


The students have asked for a class in stitched Shibori next year.


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