A Month of Carving and Blogging

And so it begins!

Another year of Carve December, as well as the 31 Day Blogging Challenge
I'm doing my best to keep up without going crazy.

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer has created a list of prompts for this year's Carve December. I'm not sure I will follow the prompts exactly, but I was excited to get started and so I carved a repeating heart design I am calling "Hearts Everywhere," in honor of my dear friend who passed away recently. She was always finding hearts in everything. I am calling this my Day 0 carve.

I need to make this in to a fabric on Spoonflower.

During Carve December I want to become better at carving letters and words, so I am creating an alphabet which will be made up of different fonts. I have been doodling different fonts in my notebook. Looking at this page makes me realize how similar they look!

If you have any fonts you think I should try out, please leave a comment for me!

I may not carve my multi-font alphabet in the order of the alphabet. I will carve whatever I am inspired to do each day, and today I was inspired to start with A.

We'll see what tomorrow brings!


SiskiyouSue said…
Elegant! I love it.
Lynda said…
Love that font! Can't wait to see what you create this month.

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