Carve December Day 15-20

The theme for Day 15 was "Dicey." Yikes, what does dicey mean? Of course my first thoughts went literal to a pair of dice. Next I started thinking about different dangerous things. I was chatting with my friend, Judy Tucker, while trying to figure out what to create. I doodled a goose, as approaching a goose can be dicey, but her feet were weird.

Judy asked if she did ballet, and so I gave her some point shoes!

Day 16 was "Fruit."
All I had was a black stamp pad so I wrote the name of my fruit on the fruit, just so there was no doubt. I really like this whispy font.

When I got home I stamped the lemon out with yellow, and a mix of yellow and orange.

Day 17 was Miss Goose staying fit dancing.
I think I may need to make more dancing geese.

Day 18 was what I am calling a "Moon Flower" because it was created using a moon shape.
Amazingly it made it all the way around!

Day 19 - Shockingly, the eye's have it!

Day 20 - The prompt was jungle and so I created a repeating leaf stamp.


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